72 Hour Juicing Fast

72 Hour Juicing Fast

I have been working 7 days a week since April 8th and am happy to be taking a 10 day break now. To celebrate, rather than buy the extra large pizza that I wanted, I decided to take part in a 72 hour juicing fast. I started thinking about all the different vegetables I need [...]

5 things you need to enjoy successful vegetable juicing

Do you have the mindset for successful vegetable juicing? If you're just starting out or if you started and stopped, probably not, so let me share what I discovered. These are five things I realized had changed in order to get through the hunger, make vegetable juicing a part of my life and to stop [...]

Overcoming detoxification headaches

When I first started using vegetable juicing to cleanse my body detoxification headaches were common for me. They became one of the reasons I didn't want to continue fasting or juicing. Eventually though, after reading up a little on the health benefits of juicing, I recognised that my body was simply getting rid of all [...]