The power of inner voice guidance

It is hard for me to write about your inner voice or following your inner guidance without beginning to sound a little 'out there!' While being seen as a tree hugger is not new for me I do like to do my best to keep to the logical side of building self-confidence without going too [...]

Be the change you want to see in yourself

I like to think of myself as someone who flies the flag for the old personal growth methods. The ones that work but not everyone could figure out how to work them. They have been replaced with new 'twists' on old themes. One of those old themes is my valued 'fake it till you make [...]

Spiritual self confidence – the next level

I have had a crazy April. I discovered two woman from the 1920s who's work has been transforming my life since reading them. They are helping me build my spiritual self confidence. Their names are Florence Scovel Shinn and H. Emilie Cady and they both focus on spiritual self confidence. Their books were written in [...]

Plan for the future by focusing on the present

What do you think is the biggest cause of frustration when it comes to building self confidence? It is wishing you were already there - wishing that life was already better or different than what it is right now. When you do that you are focusing on the present. The frustration of not being where [...]

Relax your way into self-confidence

I swear by relaxation. Couldn't get through the day without taking a moment to relax. Don't think you have to sit for hours and chant to get the most out of being totally relaxed. I can close my eyes for two minutes and just sit there while inhaling deeply and focusing on one word - [...]

10 Commandments of Building Self Confidence

For those serious about building their self confidence I have put together 10 'commandments' that you must observe and work towards living if you want to experience true self expression. I want them to inspire you to BE more than do... I cover a lot of things you can do to become self confident but [...]