Parsley and Kale Vegetable Juice

I thought I would start the New Year with a juice cleanse. My first juice of 2015 is this parsley and kale vegetable juice containing: 1 bag of organic kale 1 large pot of parsley 3 celery sticks 1/4 pineapple 1 apple, a chunk of ginger and half an organic lemon Usually my first juice [...]

Coping with my juice cleanse hunger

Coping with my juice cleanse hunger was, without a doubt, one of my more difficult issues to deal with when I first started vegetable juicing. After making the decision to buy my first juicer and start a juice cleanse I knew hunger would be a natural part of being without food and I knew learning [...]

Overcoming detoxification headaches

When I first started using vegetable juicing to cleanse my body detoxification headaches were common for me. They became one of the reasons I didn't want to continue fasting or juicing. Eventually though, after reading up a little on the health benefits of juicing, I recognised that my body was simply getting rid of all [...]