Relax your way into self-confidence

I swear by relaxation. Couldn't get through the day without taking a moment to relax. Don't think you have to sit for hours and chant to get the most out of being totally relaxed. I can close my eyes for two minutes and just sit there while inhaling deeply and focusing on one word - [...]

10 Commandments of Building Self Confidence

For those serious about building their self confidence I have put together 10 'commandments' that you must observe and work towards living if you want to experience true self expression. I want them to inspire you to BE more than do... I cover a lot of things you can do to become self confident but [...]

A confidence building exercise on building awareness

When it comes to confidence building the first step to making an big change is building awareness. Although monitoring every thought you have is a time consuming exercise it is exactly what I am going to ask you to do! Well at least for 7-10 days. Every time you have a negative thought, a thought [...]