Winter Soups

I have been using my soup maker a lot this winter and it has been a real blessing. I don't have a set of ingredients. I just usually throw a few different vegetables in along with a vegetable stock cube or some Swiss Bouillon powder and water. Nice and simple. Most of the time … Continue reading Winter Soups


My next 10 year challenge

The #10yearchallenge hashtag has reminded me how far I have come in terms of my health and weight loss. It is also a reminder of how long it has taken. I have started and stopped a number of times. Losing weight and then gaining it again. The photo above shows me in 2009 on the … Continue reading My next 10 year challenge

Fit Fabulous & Over 60

These are the women who inspire me to continue on with my challenge to be fit and eat well. They are over 60 and are proof that the mid-life spread is mainly down to lifestyle for many of us. With some effort, probably a lot of effort, we can remain strong and not saggy, fit … Continue reading Fit Fabulous & Over 60