Let’s stop acting as if life ends after 40

My parents followed a path towards 'old age' - work until you are 60. Stop working and sit in front of the TV all day and night until you die. In fact once you get to 40 stop moving, stop eating well, continue to eat and drink the same amount you did when you were … Continue reading Let’s stop acting as if life ends after 40


Mindfulness Being Vs Doing

Doing of mindfulness When a student first decides that they want to learn how to use mindfulness, a common mistake is to begin by looking at what they need to “DO” - what effort needs to be applied. What complex thinking needs to be done in order to achieve a result or focus on an … Continue reading Mindfulness Being Vs Doing

What Is Mindfulness

So, what is mindfulness? Well, simply put, mindfulness is about paying attention to the present moment, with curiosity and without judgement. Non-judgement awareness of your experience moment to moment helps to shine a light on some of the most stressful ways we can relate to our inner and outer world. When you “pay attention” to … Continue reading What Is Mindfulness

Either I WIN or I LEARN Affirmation

I am continuing on my journey towards helping the self saboteur within work with me rather than against me. I don't believe it is worth trying to eliminate it completely because it plays a part in my life. I would just like it to stop playing such a very active part and to sit back … Continue reading Either I WIN or I LEARN Affirmation

Acti-Labs Product Box

UPDATE 2022: Acti-Labs is now known as URBAN RENEWAL. I am loving the new Acti-Labs product box. In the past the products were sent in a plain cardboard box, which someone along the delivery line would try to open. I have no idea if it is the person sorting the parcels, the delivery person or … Continue reading Acti-Labs Product Box

Acti-Labs 45+ Day Cream

The Acti-Labs 45+ Day Cream actually provides visible results that you will love. Fine lines fade while firmness is restored. This cream was created to remove the need for cosmetic produces and injections by dramatically reducing skin ageing concerns in the comfort of your own home. The 45+ day cream has been proven to reduce … Continue reading Acti-Labs 45+ Day Cream