Coping with my juice cleanse hunger

Coping with my juice cleanse hunger was, without a doubt, one of my more difficult issues to deal with when I first started vegetable juicing. After making the decision to buy my first juicer and start a juice cleanse I knew hunger would be a natural part of being without food and I knew learning [...]

Juice Cleanse Weight Loss Results August 2014

I will add my video here once I have finished editing it but today I wanted to include my juice cleanse weight loss results for August 2014. I have been "stuck" in 20 stones (280 lbs) bracket for three months now, which was bothering me. I wasn't sticking to my "clean eating" and I certainly [...]

Shape up or ship out sugar cravings

Shape up or ship out sugar cravings

I know you are doing your best to poison me. You ferment in my stomach and you make demands. I want pizza. I want cookies. I want fries. You want sugar and starch. I do my best to ignore you. I try to fight you with my willpower but you seem to be stronger. Sugar [...]