Is it worth journaling if you are a creative person?

journal writing prompts

The easy answer is YES! Because a journal can help you keep your creativity alive. It will not only maintain your creativity but it will also help you nurture it too – especially if you find it faltering. It does that by giving you an opportunity to brainstorm ideas or solutions and solve problems.

Creativity doesn’t always come naturally and can be especially hard to tap into when we need it the most. It can take regular practice to maintain it. If you are a writer, this means spending time writing on a regular basis. Streams of consciousness, free-writing or outlines for stories.

Coming up with new ideas is something creative people have to do on a regular basis. If you are a graphic designer you might use your journal to doodle ideas or cut out images and photographs that inspire you and add them to your journal.

Creative journals tend to be less structured and more free flowing in comparison to standard journals. This means they can be used in many different ways. You can turn it into a scrapbook, use it as a sketchbook, write your stories in it as if it is a notebook or even plan your day and use it as a day planner.

If you tend to be quite hard on yourself, maybe you are your own biggest critic, this will have a massive impact on killing your creativity. Because there are no rules to how you use your journal and what you will put in it, it becomes a safe space where you will find your creativity flowing without judgement.

There are no rules so you are free to do whatever pleases your creative heart.

Investing in a journal or notebook, into which you add your thoughts, words, images or whatever you choose really does help to spark ideas and nurture your creativity. If you would like to get yourself one I can recommend our notebooks available on all the Amazon platforms.

Visit your Amazon site and search for “Creativity Journal Pen and I Publishing” or “Brain Dump Pen and I Publishing” – links to Amazon US and UK are below:

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If you are a writer and /or would prefer lined paper take a look at our Brain Dump Notebook.

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