Winter Soups

I have been using my soup maker a lot this winter and it has been a real blessing.

I don’t have a set of ingredients. I just usually throw a few different vegetables in along with a vegetable stock cube or some Swiss Bouillon powder and water. Nice and simple. Most of the time the soups come out tasting lovely,

One soup I make all the time is celery, potato and courgette (zucchini) with garlic and a vegetable stock cube.

I usually end up with way too much veg in the jar!

These soups have not only been a great way to eat and snack but they also help me get in my five-a-day.

Do you have a soup you love?


2 thoughts on “Winter Soups

  1. Lentil soup is my fave. My mum used to make it. Her best was always made with stock from our Christmas turkey.
    Even without a soup maker, it takes 15 minutes. I don’t even bother to fry everything up.
    500 ml of red lentils in a measuring jug (= about 500g)
    2 litres of stock (I use a cube or bouillon powder)
    Chopped Onion
    Chopped clove of garlic
    Chopped carrot
    I put in some dried chilli or a fresh chilly for winter warming zing
    Some bacon lardons are really nice, and possibly some celery leaves if you like that.
    Boil up for 15 mins, zip with a blender, and enjoy with some crusty bread.
    A swirl of plain yoghurt goes nicely with this soup.


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