Better Health

Her aim for 2023 was to focus on better health for herself. She had wanted to make that happen for years. The problem was her age. Her neglected overweight body let her know that the job would not be an easy one.

Her bulging waistline, expanded thanks to the pleasures of pie and chips, kitkats and cola was not going to disappear overnight but something excited her about taking on the challenge. Better health seemed a distant dream but one she longed for more than anything.

She lived alone in a cluttered one bedroom park home in Worcestershire.

There were walks. Every Wednesday at 2pm sharp. The older ladies with their canes often took part.

A slow waddle of multi coloured clothing made its way up the path and past her home. They followed each other into the deep dank darkness of the woods that were less than 100 yards away.

She loved walking. It had helped her maintain her health but not improve it. No, she told herself, for better health she had to do something more.


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