GCSE English Language Tuition

I am very proud of my daughter who teaches GCSE English language to Years 9 – 11.

She has set up her YouTube channel covering GCSE English language and literature tuition, which is also suitable for adults studying the subject. Her channel covers everything you need to get the top Grade 9 (or A* for those of us who are older!)

As she says in her newest introduction video

I am not about helping you pass, I am about helping you reach the very top

I have already discovered how to read Shakespeare (properly) and what subject terminology means

Right now her aim is to build her followers on YouTube so if you know a young person or adult studying AQA GCSE English language and literature who needs revision help or extra tuition I appreciate you letting them know.

I am looking to support her on her journey towards getting the word out! You can find out more about her here:



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