Campervan plans 2022

My campervan has been so useful for a trip to see family or to pick up work shifts far away and sleep in for a night or two, but for 2022 I am planning trips away.

I want to spend time wild camping where I can (it seems to be getting harder post pandemic) and sleeping in the middle of nowhere.

Wales will be my 2022 focus from Spring. I have booked a trip to North Cyprus end Feb for three weeks and once I am back staycations will be the name of the game.

A Bigger Camper?

I have been thinking about buying a larger campervan so I will be able to stand up and cook healthier meals. After my 24lb weight gain this time last year (which I have shed and am now back on track) I need to make sure I have the space and equipment to remain healthy.

Whether I do or not will depend on what happens in North Cyprus. I will write about that separately but basically its 50% cheaper to live there than the UK and 150% hotter most days of the year! I need more sun and I want somewhere warmer in the winter. I am just not comfortable about being at airports and on planes right now and may cancel the trip.

Anywhoo, after Wales I would love to spend time in Yorkshire (around September).

Of course the best laid plans and all that – I tend to find very little of what I plan works out the way I want it to so its just better not to bother. I will play it by ear and see what happens.

Days Away

I will take plenty of 2-3 day trips to more local locations wherever I am living. I like to work on the weekends and avoid the weekend rush of everyone being off so most of my trips will be Monday-Wednesday. Of course this depends on work and I can’t control what work is available when but my main goal will be to work weekends and take short local trips during the week.

Finding My final resting/work place

I am still looking for the place in the UK I will call home FOREVER. The West Midlands is still top of my list with Wolverhampton (Pendeford) being my top choice. Telford is second and where I am now but I can’t seem to gel with the place.

One of the things that I had planned pre-pandemic is to live in my camper for 2-3 months in different locations and work in that location. Nottingham, Leicestershire, Leeds and Wales are all on my list. This will be the other way I use my campervan in 2022. As a place to sleep while I move around. I will probably rent a single room for a month or two but if I can’t find a place at least I have the camper.

The agency I work for covers the whole of the UK so that helps with getting work on the go.

My move to North Cyprus will mainly be a winter one and now thanks to Brexit can only be three months instead of six so I still need a place to live in the UK.

So in summary for 2022 my campervan plans are:

  1. Visit Wales in the Spring/early summer (after Easter/early May) – depending on the pandemic restrictions
  2. Use the campervan to live in different parts of the UK while I work
  3. Possibly buy a larger van that I can stand up in if I decide to stay in the UK
  4. Take plenty of short local weekend trips from March-October wherever I am working

Like I said, nothing I plan over the last five years has worked out the way I want it to so I am not going to set dates. Instead, each month I will just look at what I want to achieve and work on that one thing.

I also find that stuff happens and things change very quickly for me so I have learnt not to plan too far ahead and to stay open to the unexpected!

If you own a campervan do you have plans for 2022? If you don’t have you thought about what you will be doing? Feel free to share in the comments section. I also have 2022 travel plans, health plans, financial plans and website plans…


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