Living Life Locally

Have you watched the film “It Could Happen To You”? I can’t remember how long ago it was I watched it but it was before the 2008 recession, in the days when I was actively working towards goals I didn’t want because I thought it was what I should work towards.

The film stars Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda. He is a police officer and she is a waitress. 

After watching it my mind began to wonder whether life would be easier if instead of focusing on working towards being a millionaire (which is what I had convinced myself I wanted at the time) with all the trappings, I lived life locally instead.

I ate local food. I supported local causes. I spent my time making a difference to local people. I fell in love with and maybe married a local person.

But I dismissed the notion because it all seemed a little simple to me. My heart could think of nothing better but my head decided it was just too basic. After all, aren’t we meant to fund raise to build a school in a developing country?  Or want to trek the highest peak of a mountain? Maybe plan to retire on a yacht or own our own plane? 

If we don’t want to do all of this, doesn’t it mean we have a “limited mind” – because if we can attract everything we desire shouldn’t we desire everything in huge expensive quantities?

Isn’t that what we are taught through the law of attraction or did I get it wrong in my head? 

I remember reading…. “If you are going to attract a house it takes as much energy to attract a tiny one as it does a castle, so why focus on a tiny house?”

Deep down, the truth is, I didn’t really want big anyway. 

I have never liked flashy anything so why I believed it was worth working towards I really don’t know. A big house, a big car, a bank full of millions. I really believed happiness lied in working towards all of that type of thing.

Perhaps it is the introvert in me, but I have always loved simple things and keeping things simple. 

The gifts my children made for me rather than the ones they bought from a shop. 

Having three or four good friends rather than knowing and having to keep up with a larger bunch of people.

Owning a small house with a large plot of land rather than a massive house in a swanky area.

I began to wonder if just finding someone with a local job/business and getting myself a local job (or running my own business) then living a local life would be far more appealing. 

I don’t know the answer to that question because right now, as I write this, I am a nomad without an address. Having released myself from the need for more thanks to my campervan, I haven’t settled in any particular place but I have started to think it might be time in 2022.

My heart is moving towards finding a local place, growing my own and buying local food, supporting the local school (volunteer netball team coach driver perhaps?) or animal shelter and generally building a community of friends who live locally.

My mind believes I will be bored within a few months.

Sometimes I really wish the two of them would agree on something.

Do you enjoy living life locally or do you spend your time on the go? Maybe a combination of the two (my preference)? Let me know.

5 thoughts on “Living Life Locally

  1. I’d say I lean more toward your way of thinking, trying to be clearer about the kind of life balance I want, rather than just being swept along with the rat race indefinitely. I know a lot of people who have had a type of epiphany on this tbh, notably so, since 2020. 💫

    I blogged a review about a good book called ‘Affluenza’ (the drive for affluence, status and consumption being a growing sickness in society, arguably….) which really drew out some of what you’re talking about here…a lot more people are weighing things up and making big changes which is long overdue. ⚖️

    I definitely get more satisfaction from buying locally from small businesses. I think a lot of people would like to get more involved in their community but with busy lives, commutes, long working hours etc., they don’t find/make time to discover what’s happening nearby. I’m making more of an effort to find out about events and causes in the areas I spend the most time in, as I do think it feeds the soul somewhat, to try and get involved. 🤗 ✨

    I’ve never been in a camper van, but they sound like liberating fun – being free on the roads doing everything at your own pace and in your own time – bliss. I’m wishing you happy and safe travels once you’re ready to head off 🚎 🔆

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    1. Affluenza sounds like a book I need to buy for my 22 year old who is definitely focused on status! I don’t want to try and make out that there is anything wrong with ambition but wanting for wanting sake doesn’t bring happiness. I am really hoping that my campervan trip around the UK will help me find my local place. It definitely is liberating to enjoy the pleasure of a campervan but it also comes with isolation and safety concerns – nothing that should stop everyone enjoying it though. Happy New Year. Thank you, for your thoughtful comment. I hope that 2022 brings you happiness, health and prosperity in all areas of life.

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      1. Good luck with the 22yr old, hopefully in time the status focus will wear thin and balance out with other fulfilling things.

        I know someone who hired a campervan for Christmas and travelled around a few planned stops across the UK with+1, (including some caravan sites) she said it was quite a big campervan, more like a motorhome, bigger than they thought it would be and that she knows people who’ve retired early and really got into the campervan lifestyle as opposed to mortgages and other commitments. I’ll hear how it went later this month. I guess sometimes you just have to try things out and see how you feel.

        …and thank you, Happy New Year to you too Diane, may it be a healthy, blessed and brighter new chapter with safe and memorable travels ✨🥂

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