Re-joining The Passion Economy

To quote Hamilton “look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now…”

Years ago women were only expected to raise babies and look after the home/husband. The first and second world wars helped bring about change and opportunity for women. The 60s helped bring about sexual revolution and the 80s became the time for power women. Now, since the dawn of the internet, women (and guys of course) are finding a new way to earn a living, share their passion and develop a thriving business.

Its called the passion economy and I am so happy to be re-joining it! I walked away from freelance work in 2017 to get myself a job that has given me the time to re-think how I want to spend the next chapter of my life. Working as a live-in carer means I have the freedom to work and no work as I choose but it is still very restrictive when I am working.

I will continue to work for a while but I have decided to start a side hustle that I want to grow into a business.

Zestizm will become a place for me to sell online. My previous experience of web design and social media will help me kick things off. The main reason I walked away from my business is because of my lack of passion for it and being tied to a desk 24/7 (literally sometimes!)

Guided Mindful Meditation

My first goal is to re-establish my meditation classes but this time more guided mindfulness. I want to encourage a focus on simple and mindful living and will release a few guided meditation audios soon. Maybe even start a podcast – who knows.

alkaline nutritionist diploma

Alkaline Food and Cleanses

Eventually, using my detox specialist skills along with my newly acquired Alkaline Nutritionist Diploma my aim will be to support people in eating more fruit and veg without having to give up the foods they love – unless they choose to give them up.

I want to encourage eating local food that’s fresh and healthy and spending more time walking/being in nature. I am thinking about an online course and a zoom group to start off with and at some point the group will meet offline, locally.

Paperback Notebooks and Stationary

I am looking into publishing my notebooks as I love them and they will be on sale via the website and (again fingers crossed depending on the pandemic) at local events from April 2022.

I am so excited to be filled with passion at the thought of starting a new venture. The freedom and flexibility of being part of this economy is what makes it so attractive and offers up more opportunities for me to get out and about in my campervan. What’s not to love 🙂

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