Mindfulness Being Vs Doing

Doing of mindfulness

When a student first decides that they want to learn how to use mindfulness, a common mistake is to begin by looking at what they need to “DO” – what effort needs to be applied. What complex thinking needs to be done in order to achieve a result or focus on an outcome. 

We apply “doing” when we want to complete a goal, think about what to cook for dinner, arrange travel plans etc. 

Living in this way we go down the road of how things are and how we expect or want them to be and when the two do not match up it causes inner turmoil. We may believe life isn’t good enough and experience negative moods. 

We may adjust our plans in an attempt to achieve them and work hard to try to make them happen only to experience failure.

Now. There is nothing done with “doing” – I love setting goals and I love working towards an outcome but when things don’t work out this is when it can have a negative effect on our mental well being.

My efforts to invest in property after remortgaging my house turned to disaster during the 2008 recession and I ended up having to sell my home and everything I owned. I had to start again after going through bankruptcy. 

Guided meditation and mindfulness are what “saved” me during this time. It took over 10 years to rebuild my life and focusing on this event with non-judgement is what I believe stopped me from slipping into depression.

Being of mindfulness

However, learning how to use mindfulness is more about “BEING” or non-doing where the learning focuses on the process, the non-doing of sensing and being curious about how you feel in the moment. 

It is one of those things that practice makes perfect.

When our mind is being it has nothing to do and no place to go. Its only job is to help us be fully present and aware by focusing on what is happening right now. 

When we become curious in a non-judgemental way it opens the door for allowing and accepting what is without any need to begin changing or doing anything about it.


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