I bought a van so #vanlife begins soon

van life uk

When YouTube recommended a video about a middle-aged woman who lives in her car I thought she was crazy.

Now, 8 months after watching that first video, I own a van and I am looking at embracing full time van life.

That first car video lead to another, then another, then videos from people who live in a minivan appeared and then videos from people who live in a van.

Most people are familiar with RVing, although in England we call it a motorhome but a van, or campervan, is smaller. They are usually self built and they are great not just for trips away but to use as a home.

I spent 6 months (February to July) working 7 days a week with a break for a week in March and another 10 day break in July. This helped me save up the money for my van, which was delivered on July 3rd.

Because of Covid I wasn’t able to visit the car showroom before buying. It was all done through photos, a video and a conversation.

The next phase is to get it insulated and turned into a campervan (lights, separate battery system, solar panels etc) ready for my first trip out.

I am back to working 7 day weeks so I can save up to get all the work that it needs completed by a professional. I really can’t be bothered to attempt it myself. DIY is not my thing.

This is what the van looks like:


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