72 Hour Juicing Fast

I have been working 7 days a week since April 8th and am happy to be taking a 10 day break now. To celebrate, rather than buy the extra large pizza that I wanted, I decided to take part in a 72 hour juicing fast.

I started thinking about all the different vegetables I need to buy. After making a list I logged into Facebook and one of the first posts I read was from a new business owner who has started selling his own range of juices at the beginning of June 2020.

Instead of doing all the juicing myself I decided to treat myself to his 5-day cleanse.

I was sent enough juice to drink 5 a day (they are 250ml) and so I opted for drinking my first at 8am and spreading them every three hours, drinking the last one at 8pm.

Juice recipes are:

Strong Green – celery, cucumber, apple and spinach

Classic – carrot, lemon, apple and ginger

Immune Boost – lemon, ginger and apple

Strong Beet – Beetroot, watermelon, carrot and ginger

Mixed Medley – carrot, apple and ginger

72 Hour Detox For Weight Loss

I started at the same weight I was on April 8th – which is 200.8lbs.

After 72lbs I ended up 4lbs lighter at 196.4, which is great.

I drank the juices and ate a few bits of fruit in between if I got super hungry plus I did my best to get through 2 litres of water every day.

The juices are from Mix n Blend Juices (not sponsored – do I have to say that???)

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