April 7 Weight loss update

I really wanted to focus on something else other than my weight this year but as we are keeping safe and staying in there really isn’t much more to talk about.

So, this is my fasting weight loss update video made on April 6th 2020 and I am currently 200.8 lbs. In December 2019 I set the goal to lose 28 lbs and I am 4 lbs away from achieving that goal.

It has taken me from February 10th 2020 to go from 207.8 lbs down to 200.8 lbs, which seems like a long time but compared to the past where I lost 1lb a month its progress.

Once I lose 4 lbs I will have lost 116 lbs in total and will have hit my original goal. My starting weight was 312 lbs and I wanted to be 196 lbs.

Next Weight Loss Goal

The next goal I have set myself is to get into the healthy weight zone, which for me is 173 lbs. This will take me out of the “overweight” zone and into healthy. So another 23 lbs to lose.

I am hoping by then I will be in my size 14 (UK) or size 12 (USA) and I will have to go clothes shopping.

OMAD (one meal a day) and ADF (alternate day fasting)

Right now I am using alternate day fasting. Eating one day and fasting the next. If I don’t manage to fast on the day then at the very least I eat just one meal a day.

Until now I have mainly been using one meal a day and eating whenever I am hungry, so I have completed a lot of fasting.

As a woman over 50 I was always told to expect weight loss to be difficult but I am finding with fasting it really isn’t – the only difficult thing is to stop eating.

2 thoughts on “April 7 Weight loss update

  1. Fasting really helps. I love my intermittent fast, as its not only helps you on weight loss but also helps you mentally. I must say Diane, your blog is very inspiring and you look beautifulšŸ˜Š


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