Acti-Labs Product Box

acti-labs products

UPDATE 2022: Acti-Labs is now known as URBAN RENEWAL.

I am loving the new Acti-Labs product box. In the past the products were sent in a plain cardboard box, which someone along the delivery line would try to open.

I have no idea if it is the person sorting the parcels, the delivery person or someone at the depot but the box was tampered with by someone.

I have had a couple of deliveries where the box was ripped and it was very plain to see that someone had tried to get their hands on what was inside. Thankfully, the products were wrapped up so well in the box that nothing was missing but I imagine this was a regular problem for Acti-Labs.

Now things are very different.

The lovely purple box is unmistakable and is tightly wrapped up with Acti-Labs tape around the outside that there is no way anyone can break open the box.

This order contained some 45+ skincare cream and two boxes of the Very Berry Skinny Mix, which I will be using myself to help re-start my weight loss.

Although losing 84 lbs (six stones) has been great, and keeping it off has been even better, I still have another 38 lbs (2.5 stones) of weight loss that I want to shed so am using my Acti-Labs products to help me do that successfully.

acti-labs products

EDIT – 2020: Acti-Labs are now known as URBAN RETREAT


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