Travel or save

I have come to the conclusion that based on the job I do as a Healthcare Assistant/Support Worker, on a basic wage, that I can travel or save but not both.

Right now, as I am living rent free I have decided to focus the next few months on travel.

Hoping that chosing one will stop all the negative thoughts I have about not doing either.

Travel to Antigua

Today I paid a deposit for my travel fair to Antigua. I have family there, my niece, and will stay with her family.

Balance is due by 22nd March, which gives me time to work extra hours.

As I am about to start my 30 days of juicing I am hoping the holiday will keep me focused and committed.

I will be eating one healthy meal a day if I feel the need. Otherwise I will try and make it through on juice alone.

I am hoping I can book another local trip (around Europe or the UK) for mid to end June and September, then a long haul trip for November.

That’s the plan as of today but I know my plans have a habit of changing.

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