Developing new habits in 254 days

I have been reading up on forming new habits. I think I never really give something long enough to become a habit, which is why I stop and start different things all the time.

There are all these books that outline 21 days or 30 days to a new habit but I couldn’t find any scientific research that outlines why those numbers in particular.

Research I have found from 2009 outlines that it took participants anything from 18 to 254 days to form a new habit. It was different for each individual and that seems more realistic.

254 days is a little over 8 months. For the habit to become a routine it must be performed daily. It has to be 254 consecutive days.

I like the idea of forming habits by doing something small each day. These tiny actions add up until the habit becomes easy to perform without any conscious thought.

Now I know it can take 254 consecutive days I can apply that to exercise.

Even if I don’t exercise daily I can commit to moving. A short walk, dancing to music for 10 minutes – that type of thing. At least that way if it means I am moving regularly and have at least 3 days where I do the regular 30-60 minutes of solid exercise it may just help exercise stick.

I am thinking about a trip abroad soon so hopefully that will help add to my motivation.


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