My next 10 year challenge

diane corriette

The #10yearchallenge hashtag has reminded me how far I have come in terms of my health and weight loss.

It is also a reminder of how long it has taken. I have started and stopped a number of times. Losing weight and then gaining it again.

The photo above shows me in 2009 on the left.

My weight has remained the same for the last couple of years. I keep losing and gaining the same 20 pounds, which has been frustrating.

Until December 2018 when I found the Shangri-La Diet, which is as simple as taking a tablespoon of Flaxseed oil an hour before eating. I will write more about that another time.

That helped me lose 9lbs during December and my weight has been going down ever since.

In January I spent my time on a detox eating potatoes all day of all things. I will write more about that too.

I tend to get to 17 stones 2 lbs (242 lbs). I stop. I put it all back on again until I get to 18 stones 7 lbs (262 lbs).

2019 Health Goals

In 2019 I am aiming to break the weight loss plateau cycle and finally get below 17 stones (240 lbs) and get on with this weight loss thing.

On 1st December my weight stood at 18 stones 2lbs (257 lbs)

Today my weight is 17 stones 2lbs (242 lbs) – it has been like that for the last three days despite being on a detox and losing a pound a day for the first 4 days.

VERY frustrating.

2019 Fitness Goals

I also want to take my fitness more seriously and make an effort to gain muscle through strength training. I am not sure about joining a gym.

Been walking mainly and doing a few strength exercises at home but I know I need to do more than this to get fit.

My relationship with yoga is an on and off again one but I have been thinking about callanetics – for those who remember that from the 90s!

Here’s to the next 10 years.


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