Carrot & Apple Juice

Sometimes it is nice to keep things simple and have as few ingredients as possible. That’s why I love carrot and apple vegetable juicing because I only need the two ingredients.

Another two ingredients I love to use are celery and cucumber.

A simple green vegetable juice but you have to add something so it doesn’t taste so plain. Lemon or lime is usually a good choice or a bit of ginger.

The great thing about keeping vegetable juicing simple is that you only need a few ingredients. I am always concerned about not using up everything I bought or things going out of date because I don’t use them quick enough.

By doing something as simple as carrot and apple vegetable juicing it means I only need to buy those two items.
Plus I use the juice pulp. I bought myself

a hamburger maker and it is turning out really useful to help me make my juice pulp “burgers”.

I mix the carrot and apple pulp with tahini, a few splashes of Tamari, pinch of salt, some cayenne pepper (or Dijon Mustard) and put it into the burger maker. Nice and simple.

Carrot and Apple Juice
I also really enjoy drinking this as a juice. I add 3 apples to make it sweet.

The ingredients for this apple and carrot vegetable juice are
7 Carrots
2 Granny Smith Green apples (3 apples if you prefer your juice sweet)

Other simple vegetable juices
I have already mentioned cucumber and celery with lemon as another simple vegetable juice and here are some others:
Celery, Cucumber and two green apples
Carrot, ginger and an orange
Beetroot and ginger
Pineapple, kale and spinach

Use your imagination.

It is simple and it lowers the cost too if you drink the same juice for a day or two and then swap to a different one. I am not one of those types of people who must drink a different juice every time throughout the day.

In a day I am happy to drink the same juice over and over, even for two days running. Less cleaning up and messing around!

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