Undo Inflammation

I have spent months trying to figure out what it was I was trying to say/focus on in regards to my health.

The weight loss journey that it started out to be turned into a love of juicing and juice cleanses before looking into bringing zest back into my life.

Ultimately, all of this work has been for one common cause. To help me live a life free of medication and pain. Right now I am free of them both.

The pain I discovered was due to something called inflammation.

I thought there were some serious things wrong with me and was so surprised when a change of eating less meat/dairy and more vegetables removed the pain.

In fact my first experience back in 2014 really shocked me. My stiff knees, my sore elbows and my lower back pain all disappeared. My flexibility improved and I felt so much better.

The only thing I had done at that point was give up meat/dairy and started juicing/drinking green juices on a regular basis.

Since that time I have gone back to old habits. Back to eating what’s known as the Standard American Diet or meat & potatoes to us Brits. I have returned to milk, cheese, yoghurt, and butter. Every time, within weeks, the pain returned.

I am not sure why it takes me so long to learn my lesson lol

Meat doesn’t have as bad an effect I noticed. It makes me feel heavy and not as bright and light as I feel when I don’t eat it – so I have reduced it but not given it up.

I have stopped saying “I eat Vegan food but am not a vegan” – now I simply say I am a Flexitarian.

What is a flexitarian? The definition is a person who eats a mainly plant-based diet but still includes some meat/fish and eggs.

So that’s me now. Miss Flexitarian. This is where my journey has taken me from weight loss to learning about how nutrition affects my body.

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