To rent or not to rent

I moved in June 2017 from a 3 bedroom house into a studio apartment, which is an outcome of going through the change – having all my children leave home.

When I decided to become a live-in carer I thought why keep the place and pay rent if I am living with someone?

So I arranged to stay with my eldest when I am not working who lives in Shropshire.

My dad, who is in London, also has an empty room I can use if I want to be there.

Of course when I am not working I want to be travelling so really my time staying with family will be fairly short. Hopefully.

I have a zero-hour contract which basically means if there is no work to give me I am not going to get paid. However, in the world of live-in carers there is quite a lot of work available and plenty of agencies so that isn’t a problem.

Now, three months after giving up my studio (to save the money and because I will hardly be there) I really wish I had my own space to go back to when I am not working.

I love living with my eldest, who recently got married, but I feel like I am in the way. That is me feeling that and not anything either of them has done or said.

There are things I miss like being half naked, playing loud music and dancing around the room etc. Basically my single gal behaviour has had to stop and it only just got going.

I thought being a nomad would be fun but the home body girl in me needs a place that I know as home. Also, I can’t register for a doctor, dentist or to vote, which is frustrating, because I don’t “belong” to a borough or district.

So now I am back looking at studios or large rooms with en-suites in Birmingham, Luton (where I used to live and loved it there) or Leicestershire and wondering if I really want to spend the monthly fee.

When it comes down to it that money is being taken away from my ‘travel the world‘ fund and my ‘save up for old age‘ fund but it might be worth it.

For starters I won’t have to work as hard. I work for two months (seven days a week) on the go before taking a break.

It can be really hard going for that long when you are caring for someone.

Now that I have met other carers and seen their preferred way of working I like the idea of working for 3 weeks and taking 3 weeks off.

It’s early days and I am still trying to work out whether I plan my work around my travel or the other way around.

It is all so unsettled and up in the air but that’s the beauty of life I guess.

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