My Juicing Passion

Before my site was hacked it contained a load of images and juicing recipes that I have been enjoying since 2014.

Despite the critics I love juicing and taking part in a juice cleanse.

It helped me easily lose my first 3 stones (approx 40 pounds) when nothing else was working.

I love my green juices which usually included spinach, cucumber, celery, a green apple and sometimes watercress.

My other love is carrot, beets and apple or something with pineapple in it.

People often say that smoothies are better because they contain the “pulp” of the fruit/veg and juicing doesn’t. All I will say to that is test it out for yourself.

Drink a green juice and see how that helps your “elimination” process!!!!

I often find that drinking a smoothie doesn’t quite have the same clearing effect so I prefer juicing,

My struggle with juicing comes with a continuous juice for several days. I usually drink my juices all day and then have a light meal in the evening.

Some days even that is a struggle.

juicing weight loss

This is why I am considering a juicing retreat.14-30 days abroad in an environment where nothing but fresh juices are served.

I have been trawling through for ideas and will see what I come up with.

Right now this is perfect juicing weather. It’s hot and I don’t feel like eating.

Unfortunately, as I am working and living in a house that is not mine I don’t have the luxury of indulging in my juicing passion.

My break starts 7 July so I am hoping to juice before I leave for my first solo trip to Greece.

At some point when I can get access to my external hard drive I will put up images of my lovely juices. The ones I used today were in my Google Drive storage luckily.

2 thoughts on “My Juicing Passion

    1. Well better late than never 🙂
      I have managed to make some pretty awful tasting juices over the years. It definitely pays to get hold of a book. Having said that I have also made some great ones too, never to be repeated because I had no idea what came together to make it taste so great. It keeps it all interesting.


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