Enjoying contentment

I have spent most of the last 20 years striving for something.

Some goal that I truly believed would make life better, happy, stronger.

For the most part I have come to the conclusion that all I really did was miss out on living in the present moment. All that striving for something or waiting for life to get better robbed me of enjoying what is right here in front of me.

Worse than that, sometimes it robbed me of what is right now because I was so focused on what will be at some point.

My weight loss journey is the best example of that as I spent my time striving to be thinner and fitter – which is a great goal – but over the last four years I haven’t stopped to say “hey, be happy with you now as well”,

Being happy with me now doesn’t mean I settle for being unhealthy.

Just because I choose to be happy with myself in the present moment I don’t use that as an excuse to remain unhealthy. It would just be a way for me to stop my future focus. To stop only being happy when I reach a particular goal.

I knew I would be happier when I lost my first 24 lbs (2 stones) and I was, really happy, but I didn’t stop to enjoy the me I was then at 24 lbs lighter. I just focused on the next 24 lbs.

Now 73 lbs (5 stones) lighter I want to change my focus.

I choose to stop striving for the next weight loss goal and simply be happy where I am now, knowing that this happiness is not an excuse to stay where I am.

I still need to be mindful of my BMI which is way too high.

I have another 50 lbs to lose to be a healthy weight and I want to continue to work towards staying healthy using a plant-based diet.

I am not missing dairy at all now (cheese was difficult to remove from my diet) and I don’t miss meat. I still eat cheese and have some meat if I ever fancy it but for the most part I stay away from meat and dairy.

I am content with the way I eat now and I have decided to stop beating myself up when I don’t eat what I believe I should be eating (I ate a ham and cheese sandwich today).

I am content with the progress I have made although I still have some way to go and sometimes wish all this excess fat would simply melt away without effort.

Finding it harder to lose weight as you age really is true, it’s not an excuse, I can gain 5 lbs within a day or two of unhealthy eating and to remove those 5lbs I will need around a month to six weeks!

It’s frustratingly unfair but it is what it is.

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