Zestizm on WordPress.com

I have been “fighting” hackers on my self-hosted WordPress site.

Annoying cyber bullies who take over self-hosted WordPress blogs and serve up inappropriate advertising.

Every time someone clicked to read a blog post a naked lady appeared inviting them over to watch her and her friends at play.

Maybe I should have chosen better hosting, I don’t know, but what I do know is I just don’t have the patience to deal with them so I deleted everything. I tried removing them a couple of times but it’s an expensive business and they always returned. Sometimes within days!!!!

Now, I am using my old wordpress.com blog and turning it back into Zestizm.

I will upgrade and use my domain plus have the luxury of adding audio and video here too.

Added to that is the wonderful community of bloggers that I can connect with easily.  I love reading blogs and now I have a few million of them at my fingertips.

Working as a live-in carer means my time is limited. I have an hour in the morning before 8am and an hour or two after 10pm, plus a 2-hour break during the day but otherwise my time is not my own. It will just ensure I use it wisely.


2 thoughts on “Zestizm on WordPress.com

  1. [ Sighs ] Unfortunately, self-hosted WordPress sites are vulnerable to hacking.

    Luckily for you, the WordPress-hosted version (wordpress.com) handles everything for you!

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