First Solo Travel Trip

crete 2018

They say you never forget your first time and I really hope that’s true because more than 15 years after deciding I want to spend a part of my life travelling I am finally getting to do just that.

I have booked myself a trip in July to Crete in Greece.

I left my desk job back in March and took up a job as a live-in carer. I live with the people I look after. The role is a rewarding challenge and with it comes no rent to pay and very few bills leaving plenty of extra income to travel.

After hours and hours of searching for a place to visit I settled on this one because

  • The hotel cater for solo travellers / singles – so there will be no children and no romantic couples!
  • Included in the price is airport transfer because for my first few trips I don’t want to have to work out how to get from the airport to the hotel.
  • The price – it was really, really reasonable and no surcharge because I am booking for one.

So dreams really do come true at some point if you never give up.

It feels so good to know this is finally happening and as well as Greece in July two other potential trips are

Europe in September (maybe using trains to get around a few different countries)

Cuba in November. I have read that November is past the hurricane/rainy season so a good time to go. If I don’t make it in November the other opportunity is around May.

I want a winter break around early January 2019 but have no idea where to go.

Are you a solo traveller? Or do you have a passion for travel? I would love to know where in the world you have had the good fortune to visit.


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