Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting turns everything I ever read/thought I knew about eating well (and especially about eating breakfast) upside down and inside out. For all the information I have read about not starving the body, intermittent fasting (or IT) says our body needs a rest from eating every now and again and it will do us good.

Not only will IT do the body good but it will also help us to burn fat and maintain essential muscle.

Best of all, there is no calorie counting and some people continue to eat the normal foods they do (yes even the bad ones) and still lose weight using intermittent fasting. So, here is what I have discovered about the power of using intermittent fasting for long term health.

What is intermittent fasting?

The simplest way to describe intermittent fasting is to call it an eating routine where you eat and then you stop eating for several hours (a minimum of 16 is recommended) and then you eat again.

There are different ways to get this 16 hour fast period depending on your preference.

Right now I use the 8 hour eating fast. I stop eating at 7pm and start eating again at 11am. From 11am – 7pm I have 8 hours to eat but I must watch what I eat. This is still a healthy eating program because I must watch the type of food I put in my mouth.

I use vegetable juicing, eating nuts and berries and then having my main evening meal with my family. I eat whatever they are eating and on the days they eat junk food I have something different and healthy.

This form of intermittent fasting together with vegetable juicing has helped me get healthy and shed 29lbs in 6 months.

Now I am wondering what type of intermittent fasting I can use to continue my journey and perhaps even speed it up.

How does intermittent fasting work?

Your body is a clever piece of machinery. When you eat it knows to take that food and burn it as energy so you can go about your day.

However when you fast, and there is no food to burn it starts burning fat that is already stored in your body and cells. So you burn off all that stored fat, which isn’t healthy for you anyway.

The longer you stay on an intermittent fasting eating pattern the better and more efficient your body gets at burning food (rather than storing it) when you eat and burning the fat from your body when you fast.

It is a great process.

A normal day of eating will see a continuous flow of food being eating without a break. As our body does its best to deal with all of this food the only thing it can do is store it as fat. The more we eat the fatter we get.

By introducing a fast period (which we normally get when we sleep) it gives our body time to break down all the extra it has stored.

Different types of intermittent fasting

8 Hour Eating Window

This is the current pattern I follow, as mentioned above, I stop eating at 7pm and start again at 11am. You can choose times to suit you. For example I have a friend who prefers to eat at lunch time. She stops eating at 8pm or 9pm and then eats at mid day or 1pm. Her second meal is in the evening either before 7pm or before 8pm.

As well as the 16 hour fast and 8 hour food routine mentioned above there are two others that are fairly poplar.

Alternate Days – Intermittent fasting for fast weight loss

This is a method that I love because on my non-fasting days I can eat absolutely anything I like. In fact when I watched a BBC program about intermittent fasting the participants on a study following a day on and a day off were eating fast  food on their days off.

This is the best intermittent fasting routine for fast weight loss because you are going through a 24 hour fasting day.

You eat normally one day and then you fast then the next. Then you eat normally the following day and you fast the next. And so the routine goes. One day eating and one day fasting.

Intermittent fasting 5:2

The 5 : 2 intermittent fasting program lets me eat normally five days a week and then twice a week I have to fast eating no more than 500 calories on those two days.

The easiest way to get  through a fasting day is to eat breakfast around 7.30am and then an evening meal around 7.30pm and nothing else.

During the day drinking water is my main option although I would allow myself green vegetable juices too – but definitely no food. Intermittent fasting has helped me maintain my weight.  People report plenty of great results using the 5:2 method but I prefer and use the 16-hour fast.

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