My high fat plant-based way of eating

In a forum I belong to a few women got together to work on losing weight until Christmas. I thought the company would be great so I joined in. I added what I was eating to the conversation and someone (who named me Zesty) said

“ you have a really healthy diet zesty but ssshhhhh aren’t avocados a little bit …..well….fattening…….good for u but still……erm…..loaded with cals [that sounds better than fattening doesn’t it ]”


Disclaimer :  I am not a health professional or a dietitian so please consult one before changing your diet.

Now that’s done… FAT IS YOUR FRIEND…

Or at least healthy fat is.

For 40 years we were told avoid fat and eat carbs. Now, sicker and fatter than ever before just a couple of months ago health experts said “my bad, we got it wrong, eat healthy fat and limit carbs”

So eggs and bacon for breakfast is better than cereal. to be fair, usually on a high fat diet I don’t have to count calories but I am doing it for now.

Good carbs = whole-grains, vegetables, a lot of fruit (some fruit is high in carbs like bananas), quinoa, beans

Bad carbs – white flour/sugar, corn syrup/fructose, some cereals, anything processed, cakes, baked goods etc etc – if it has more than 5 ingredients on the packet/jar or if I can’t pronounce the ingredients I don’t eat it. If it contains more than 5g of sugar per 100g I stay away from it. Lucky for me crumpets are ok to eat in moderation

Good fats – avocado, nuts (almond, brazil, walnuts, pecan are the best of the bunch), oily fish, seeds (sunflower) olive oil, coconut butter for cooking/frying, yoghrt, eggs are okay too, whole fat milk is better than any other kind, butter, cheese (feta, goats etc)
Bad fats – deeply friend anything, corn oil, vegetable oil and most of the bad stuff you probably know what it is
This is why a Mediterranean diet is considered the best. Loads of oil fish, vegetables, healthy cheese and dairy, olive oil. Recommended book “Mediterranean Diet: The Mediterranean Diet for Beginners – Quick start guide to heart-healthy eating, super-charged weight loss and unstoppable energy” by Gina Crawford

Look up: banting / Ketogenic / low carb to learn more. I can’t take eating all that cheese and meat so Keto doesn’t work for me. My stomach doesn’t like it.

I stick to a high fat mainly plant-based way of eating which is more Mediterranean based and vegetable juicing.

It has taken me two years to figure this out. I have only worked out the way I really want to eat this summer so it could adjust.

My Achilles heel – the thing that stops me getting thinner is PROCESSED BREAD and cream crackers and just processed carbs full stop. Find it hard to give them up completely. Working on that.

We are addicted to processed food because of what has been added to it. Research food addiction to learn more. Sugar may be as addictive as cocaine – no joke


It’s not will power we need but a way to overcome our addiction. Or that feeling that says MUST EAT THIS… [I didn’t add this in the forum but am adding it here…. this is why I use Hydra-Slim – it kills the feeling of needing to eat processed carbs in me so I eat less]

One slice of bread a day won’t hurt me but I tend to eat 8-12 easily at its worst.

3 slices of toast in the morning, 4 slices of bread to make two rounds of sandwiches, 2 slices with my dinner, 2 slices as a late night snack. At my heaviest that was my day.

BEST UK EXPERT Dr Malhotra – watch the video on his website also look up and Dr Mercola articles. You can also read these two articles:

Basically the food industry lied and manipulated research to make us eat more of their foods and they have been found out now to be liars wanting to line their own pockets and increase their profits.

EVEN LOW FAT FOODS are NOT to be eaten. The full fat version is the best. Sugar is added to many low fat foods and plus it is heavily processed making it bad for us h

We no longer have to put up with what are now called lifestyle disease – things like diabetes can be cured with a healthy, mainly plant based diet.

Amazing things are happening in the world of nutritional science and I do my best to keep up. It is not just about weight either.

Our skin, hair, nails, blood, organs, energy – everything is better as a result of changing the way we eat and it is never too late to start.

Giving up processed sugar is one of the hardest things I have had to do and I am still battling it but it has been worth it.

Herein endth todays lesson. It is a mine field.

Go forth and be foodily educated. I know nothing [said in the voice of Manuel]

Zesty out.

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