Finally, my life vision

I can’t remember what it’s like to be stuck and unable to figure a way out of it. Maybe it’s years of personal development workshops or maybe, like some people tell me, I am just a determined person.

I don’t believe for one minute I have any more determination than the next person. In fact I had to develop mine over years of building my self-confidence. Whatever it is that makes me want to get back up after being hit, it has kicked in and it started because I decided to create a vision for my life.

Yesterday on my tablet I clicked on the Netflix button and watched a documentary featuring Tony Robbins. It was something he said while they showed him in his Date with Destiny workshop that sparked something in me. He said (paraphrasing a bit) that without a vision for our life there is no way we can move forward. There is no way we can develop.

I knew that I was stuck because I didn’t have a vision. I have been setting goals but it feels very much like the goal setting of the past. I want a, I will work towards achieving b, I want to build my income to c. Nothing that excites me.

The truth is creating a vision isn’t something that is a waste of time and not worth bothering with. It can become one of the best strategies to help me (and you) achieve the life of my dreams. It becomes my compass that guides me. It lets the universe know what I am working towards so they can deliver the ‘how’ to me.

My life vision will guide my actions, my future goals, and it will play a huge part in the choices I make as I move forward. I feel like I have mapped out a path to help me achieve my personal dreams.

What is my life vision?

So, what is my life vision? Well, it came to me after I took the time to stop and make an impromptu video at 1am before removing my makeup.

The next morning I realized that my life vision was to enjoy EXPERIENCES. As simple as that really. Nothing to plan, nothing to do. Just to keep finding things to do, people to meet and places to go.

Of course I want to travel in style so that means having an income to support that although there are different ways to travel

Airbnb makes overnight stays much cheaper than booking a hotel for the night. Looking at an event in South London and thinking about staying over a hotel costs £106. A room in someone’s house is £24.

House sitting. Becoming a house sitter means I get to live in and look after a home while the owner is out of the country. Once my son is in university this could be a potentially brilliant way to live.

There are options outside of needing money but I still need to eat and travel around, however my life vision of wanting to enjoy more experiences can happen by just sitting in the park and striking up a conversation with a total stranger.

f scott fitzgerald quoteDeveloping a Life Vision

I was reading different posts about developing a life vision because I knew there would be loads out there – why reinvent the wheel and write something myself when I can simply point you to the source! Here are a few I enjoyed reading:

“The word vision comes from the Latin visionem, meaning wisdom. Having a vision is having the wisdom to see past certain events in expectation of a greater outcome.” Source : A vision for your future

“I’ve also noticed something over the past several years: the most interesting, accomplished people I know all have a vision for their lives. They seem to know what comes next, like they’ve seen the future.” Source: How to create a vision for your life

“I firmly believe that each and every one of us, regardless of where we are in life right now, have the potential to make life even better. Maybe it’s an incremental change. Maybe it’s a huge shift. Either way, there’s more in all of us than we are living right now.” Source: Creating your bold and fearless life

Happy reading. Do you have a vision for your life? Do you know how you want life to show up for you? Are you ready to create something? Leave your comments, thoughts, and insights below.

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