The scales aren’t always correct

For the past six months I have been hitting the gym pretty regularly (although the last 10 days haven’t been as great!) and I wanted to share some photos of me from January to March 2016.

Still no movement on the scales, my weight remains the same, but as you can clearly see in the photos my body has changed because the jeans fit in March and they didn’t in January.

It goes to show that the scales aren’t always correct. It really helps to have another way to measure success like having clothes that don’t fit and trying them on or measuring your body.

January 2016 the jeans don’t fit
March 2016 – no change in my weight but the jeans fit me now

I am determined to help my body help itself. I am beginning to think it is time to do something different and so I have found a company called Acti-Labs who develop slimming wraps and weight loss products.

I have been thinking about going into a local spa to undertake some 3D fat loss procedure where they freeze the fat in your body which then breaks down and leaves as waste. It costs £450 for six sessions.

Instead the ActiDerm thermo slimming wrap (or Acti-Labs as it is called now) is much cheaper.

I will be able to use it along with their HydraSlim, which helps to break down fat. All products made from plant and marine sources, no parabens or yucky stuff in them and they are vegan.

After looking at the website and deciding that I want to buy just about every product available I decided to become an Acti-Labs Ambassador.

I didn’t buy a kit – just registered online and now I get all the discounts.

You can take a look at their thermo (to shift stubborn fat) and lipo (for loose skin) slimming wraps here:

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