Lew Hollander

Lew Hollander “IronLew” has been taking care of his body for a while. From a very early age (11-12 years old) he took a real interest in his health and everything he ate and did. He is an amazing man in amazing shape.

He likes to workout every day plus he trains for whichever event he is taking part in.

He ran 100 miles in one day and he has won the world championship triatholon 4 times.

Lew is in the Guinness Book of Records for being the oldest man to complete the IronMan age 83. He competed his first iron man when he was in his fifties. He still likes to run locally and used to compete in a run a week, even smaller 5k runs.

Lew wants to live to be 120.

I read a great article on the Telegraph newspaper and he says some great things that I have experienced to be true. One in particular where he talks about using it or losing it. If your knee is hurting instead of complaining it hurts go out and exercise and your body will make it better. It kind of goes against medical advice but I have found that when my body hurts exercise seems to be the best thing for it. When I spend a lot of time sitting in my chair my body always hurts.

“You get the first 40 years free and then you have to pay attention,”

– Lew Hollander

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