Sam “Sonny” Bryant

Sam “Sonny” Bryant, Jr was 70 years old when this video was made in 2013 – that makes him 73 years old now.

Like many stories I have read regarding older weight lifters he started lifting in middle-age – he was 44 years old and wanted to relieve the stress of a bad marriage. 11 months after starting he was invited to take part in a contest. Until that point Sonny said he was only working out, after the competition he began body building.

“People ask me when I am going to retire I say ‘never’ – more people die retired than they do on the job working”

“Inactivity and your thought process that makes you old. If you start thinking you old subconsciously your body will believe you are old and you will start thinking old and feeling old. You are old.”

To Sam “Sonny” Bryant at 70 years old he feels the same as he did when he was 44 years old. He feels no different and believes he has not aged.

“I see a lot of young guys older than me. Because that’s their lifestyle, that is what they choose to do…”

I couldn’t find a website but there is a news article here

From what I have read online Sonny is also a vegan, although I also read he likes to eat bacon and egg for breakfast so not sure about that. Whatever he eats and keeps fit there is no denying that his body is amazing.

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