Tao Porhon-Lynch

Tao Porhon-Lynch is a 97 year old yoga master who teaches yoga.

Doctors told her that her flexibility would never be the same when she had a hip replacement in her 80s but Tao Porhon-Lynch says

“It’s just a matter of putting your mind onto it and you can do it.”

A month after surgery she was dancing again.

Before becoming a yoga teacher Tao worked in England, France and America as an actress in the 1940’s and 50s

In her 60’s Tao spent her time writing screenplays and made documentaries. Tao loves to waltz and loves to dance.

What we can learn from the oldest yoga teacher

Her memoir “Dancing Light: The Spiritual Side of Being Through The Eyes of a Modern Yoga Master” was published this year (2016) and tied for a Silver Medal in the Autobiography/Memoir II (Coming of Age/Family Legacy/Travel) national category for the 2016 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

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