Reactions to a juice cleanse

There are many different reactions to a juice cleanse that our body may go through. It can range from absolutely no adverse reaction at all to being completely bed ridden and unable to move for a few days.

What makes the difference? The biggest contributor will be how unhealthy your diet is before you start.

For example if you are a smoking, coffee drinking, doughnut eating, junk food junkie then there is a chance that your reactions to a juice cleanse will be far more severe than someone who is a healthy vegan about to cleanse. I say there is a chance because we just never know – we are all individuals and only your body knows how it will react.

Chances are though if you enjoy drinking loads of coffee every day and you have been doing that for the last 10 years then suddenly giving it up for days may cause a reaction.

This is one of the reasons why I recommend eating a very healthy meal in the evening. The meal can be as simple as roasted vegetables or you may want to include a bit of lean protein or wild salmon. Very simple but at least it is food.
I have only ever managed to go 24 hours on juicing once. Since starting my juicing journey back in 2012 I can honestly say that I always eat something.

During 2012 and 2013 I only ever juiced during the summer – winter juicing was NOT something I would ever consider.

It was 2014 that I became a serious juicer and it was 2014 that I continued juicing even during the winter.

Anyway, I digress… so back to reactions to a juice cleanse.

What should you expect? I love this video by Joe Cross as he explains how the body reacts to a juice cleanse. Ignore the annoying interviewer who can’t seem to be quite enough to let him talk… lol

Is it possible to reduce your bodies reactions to a juice cleanse?
Yes, it is. You can do that by:

Eating well a few days before. Think about giving up processed foods, junk foods and fizzy drinks a few days and up to a week before you start your juice cleanse.

Drink warm drinks during your cleanse. Your body will enjoy the extra fluid. Make the drinks warm if you feel you need something warm in your body. Herbal tea is great, lemon and/or lime in water is also fantastic. Drink that inbetween your juices. You can also use clear soups like Miso (just check the brand and ingredients).

If hunger is one of your bodies reaction to a juice cleanse then it doesn’t have to be. Just make more juice. Drink as many as you like. When I first started I think I drank a glass every 90 minutes. Can’t remember for sure because I didn’t document it but I know it was often.

Sleep. If you can carry out your 3 days cleanse starting saturday then that gives you saturday and sunday to sleep and relax. By Monday (hopefully) you will be feeling much better.

You may find yourself feeling moody, angry, weak, light headed, tired and generally not feeling great. I promise if you allow yourself to go through this what waits at the other end is amazing. Feelings of feeling alive and vibrant. Plus you will find that juicing helps you make healthy choices, or at least I did. Regular vegetable juice cleanses had this amazing effect on my body where all I wanted to do was find and eat only healthy foods.

Take your mind off how you feel by doing things like going for a walk, dry skin brushing, meditation (if possible!), self-massage (or even better get your partner to give you a massage), ironing and other mundane tasks that will keep you busy.

After your 3 day juice cleanse. Avoid the temptation to stuff your face. Begin to make healthy choices. Start your day with a healthy breakfast and eat light all day, your body will thank you.

A juice cleanse can be the beginning of a healthy eating plan. It definitely kick started mine.

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