7 Day Plant Based Eating Plan

It has been quite difficult cooking this week as I am creating meals I wouldn’t normally cook so it has taken a lot out of me, but I kept true to my word and only ate plants.

That has given me this 7 day plant based eating plan that I can use to remind me what it is I ate.

I don’t want to eat the same thing every week but it will just give me a rest from checking food cupboards and the fridge for ingredients and having to figure out how to make something, if I already have an idea.

As I use intermittent fasting I don’t eat breakfast. I fast from 7pm – 11am or 8pm – midday and I eat then.

From the moment I wake up until around 30 minutes before I am due to eat I drink water. Sometimes just warm water on its own, sometimes with lemon, lime or both. Sometimes with a Rooibos tea bag or herbal tea bag. I hydrate for the first few hours.

Then I will drink vegetable juice using one of my recipes. Three or four glasses (around 1.5 litres) and/OR I make a large saucepan of soup and eat that all day until the evening.

I include Spriulina in one of my juices and/or I drink a glass of Spriulina on its own in the morning. I do that for the great protein it provides and also for the vitamin B12.

Sometimes if I am hungry and I fancy something to eat (rather than juice), I will make some ‘patties’ (below) using the juice pulp and have that with a salad.

Then I eat a meal and later in the evening before my 7pm or 8pm cut off I will have fruit and yoghurt, or nuts and fruit – a snack really.

The habit/pattern of eating this way is really working for me and once I have built up my library of plant based meals it will become a simple plan to follow.

7 day plant based eating plan

Day One

Zoodles with a mango and avocado sauce.

Zoodles are zucchini noodles or courgettes as we call them in the UK, so it will be coodles! Courgette noddles. The sauce was made using
1 mango
half lime squeezed for juice
4 cherry tomatoes
2 sticks celery chopped
chia seeds
turmeric powder

I put everything in a blender, except the spinach.

I cooked the spinach and ate the courgette raw. Sometimes I cook the courgette noodles in a little bit of hot water for a minute. Combine everything, add cayenne pepper and eat.

 Day Two

Millet Grain & Squash with Spinach

This meal was supposed to include squash (and quinoa) but as I didn’t have any I used sweet potato (and millet grain) instead.

I made a sauce using Tahini, almond butter and olive oil but it was REALLY thick.

It tasted delicious though and I will definitely make this again only next time I will make the sauce more runny.

Make the millet grain (or quinoa) as per the instructions, adding a pinch of salt and some crushed garlic. Steam the sweet potato, mushrooms and spinach (I used a colander while the millet was cooking)

To make the sauce mix tahini, almond butter, oliver oil, cayenne pepper and lime juice together in a blender and pour on.

Day Three 

Juice Pulp 

Today for dinner I had juice pulp patties with millet grain and carrots, plus a salad.

The salad contained watercress, spinach, rocket, cherry tomatoes, avocado and some roasted nuts.

The patties were made by mixing my juice pulp with tahini, coconut palm syrup (or maple syrup), curry powder and a little bit of apple cider vinegar. Mix it all in together, pick up a lump and shape it into a circle. Place it on baking parchment paper and put it in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

Day Four

Courgettes (zucchini) with avocado pesto sauce

Today I had courgette spaghetti (which is thicker than noodles) with a pesto sauce made from avocados
1/4 cup of pine nuts
1/4 cup of pistachios
1 avocado
3 cloves garlic
5 cherry tomatoes
cayenne pepper
2 tablespoons lemon juice
Almond and coconut oil

I melted coconut oil and added some almond oil to it. Everything went into my juicer. I have a mincer with the Omega 900 juicer I use and I can use it to make things like humus or nut butter. I used it rather than a food processor. Everything can go into a food processor and then mix in the oil, put over the raw zuicchini and eat.

Day Five

Potato and Cauliflower Curry with rice

I made a potato and cauliflower curry using a recipe I found online.

There are loads of them available when you search.

Today I served it with brown rice and spinach.

I am doing my best to make less food as I am only cooking for one, although my youngest had this for his dinner too.

Day Six

Left over potato and cauliflower curry with courgette spaghetti

I ate my courgette spaghetti raw and placed the hot curry onto, which I am sure helped to cook it a little anyway.

I really enjoyed this dinner. The quantity in the photo is just ONE courgette. They really do end up making quite a large meal and it is very filing.

Day Seven

Brown rice and lentils and guacamole 

I made my own guacamole using a recipe found online. I put everything through my juicer rather than a food processor.

There was a lot to eat. I cooked the brown rice and red lentils separately and added it all on to a bed of spinach.

I steamed the mushrooms. This dinner was very filling. Next time less rice and lentils… and less guacamole. Still it was great.

Lunch times

Although I tend to use vegetable juicing mainly some days I really fancy food and I will make soup and eat that with a salad. The same salad already mentioned above.

I have managed to get myself into a bit of a groove now. Wake up, water, drink vegetable juice (or eat something light) and then eat my evening meal, followed by a light snack.

I can do this as a way to eat for life. This plant based eating plan (obviously not eating the same seven meals all the time) has gone some way to helping me manage this as a lifestyle. Something I do forever.

Then, when I am out with friends if I  choose to eat burgers and chips I am free to do so and enjoy (or not depending on my stomach) because I am not about to become a fussy eater.

I think I will be re-introducing meat at some point but only two or three times a week instead of daily.

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