Using portion control pots to limit over eating

I eat too much. I think this is something I can finally acknowledge. To be honest I wasn’t sure about the best way to tackle it until a friend told me about using portion control pots to limit over eating.

The specific pots that she recommended were part of the TurboFire 21 day fix. On Amazon you can actually buy spare pots but you only get the portion control pots. No instructions and nothing to tell you what to do. For the full details you need to pay an extra 40.00 for the whole programme.

So, as always, I turned to YouTube and watched  a few different videos. At least by the end I was clear about what goes into each pot – which is really all I needed. There is also an excellent review on Amazon that explains how these portion control pots work.

There are seven pots in total

  1. Green container for vegetables
  2. Purple for fruit
  3. Red for protein (plant-based or meat)
  4. Yellow for carbohydrates (e.g. rice, quinoa)
  5. Blue is for healthy fats like avocado and almonds
  6. 2 Orange pots which are for seeds and oils/dressings

In the TurboFire 21 Day Fix you have to work out how many calories you should have in a day and that will determine how much of each box you have.

For example for 1500-1700 calories it was 4 green boxes, 3 purple boxes etc.

You can buy the full program to discover how that works. I don’t want to follow that but I wanted to get an idea of what a normal portion is because I have recognised that my portions are anything but normal.

I am still putting way too much food on my plate and I am wondering if this is having an effect on my 2 lbs a month lose instead of 4 lbs.

Otherwise I hit my 4 lbs target last month (as part of my one pound a week challenge – register here) I still think I can improve upon how large each meal is at both lunch and dinner.

So, the idea is that I will fill the red one with plant-based protein like chickpeas, the yellow one with rice and the green one with vegetables. I would then arrange that on my plant and that would be my meal all measured out for me.

My only intention really is to eat less and to see what less looks like in real terms. My upbringing has caused me to see having a large amount of food on my plate as normal.

In the past I cooked a 500g bag of pasta for four people, which essential meant each person was eating 125g of pasta.

As the average amount of pasta per adult (because out of those 4 people 3 of them were children and one was me) is 30g that meant we ate enough pasta for 4 people in one sitting.

Not only that but I would eat any leftovers as well. Plus we would eat it with garlic bread or two slices of bread.

The thing is that portion looks normal to me and that is where my struggle lies. I have to re-educate my eye and my mindset about what is too much and what is enough.

I don’t know if using portion control pots will help me limit my over eating but it certainly can’t hurt.

Every time I have a meal I feel like there is too much food on the plate. I need to see more white (of the plate) and less food!!!

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