Plant-based protein dinner

I thought I would share my plant-based protein dinner today after a friend recently asked me how I get my protein when I follow a plant based diet.

It is a poplar question from people interested in adopting a more plant-based way of life. People are mainly concerned about calcium and protein – both of which they believe can only come from dairy and meat.

The only thing I have to be mindful of when following a plant-based lifestyle is that I get enough good fats (which I do through flax seed oil in my salads and using coconut oil when baking/frying) and I take a B12 supplement. B12 is available in red meat and I have read that it is available in nutritional yeast for those of use eating plants.

However protein is not a problem because it is available in many sources including plants. Included on my dinner plate is:

brown rice – 2.6g protein in 100 grams (I had a little over the recommend 75 g per person!)

black beans (protein) – 22 g of protein per 100 grams

Chunky Guacamole (protein from avocado) 3g in 1 large avocado

Kale (protein) with mushrooms and dates – 4.3g per 100 grams of protein in kale

Total 31.9g of protein in this ONE meal. Web MD recommend that women get 46 grams of protein a day

So as you can see this plant-based protein dinner of mine was more than adequate.

There is a useful list of non-meat foods that you can get protein from HERE – on that list it mentions there are over 6g of protein in brown rice, which is interesting.

I don’t like to eat (or juice) kale, not a fan of the taste, but knowing it is good for me I include it as often as I can. One day I hope to be able to eat it raw but in the meantime I sauteed this in a little bit of water. I added some Tamari to the water and the mushrooms first. Gave the mushrooms a couple of minutes once the water was boiling then added the kale and chopped dates for a minute only.

I am also not a fan of dates on their own. I find them too sweet. So, I was hoping the combination of kale and dates would equal each other out. Bitter and sweet. It really did work.

The guacamole was home made. 1 large avocado, some coriander (cilantro), chopped cherry tomatoes and spring onion. Juice from a lime and some cayenne pepper with chilli flakes. Mixed it all together using a fork. That was my “living food” on my plate.

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