Two healthy oils for frying

I do try not to fry food now. If  I can I sautee it in water I will do just that, but there are times when I am in need of healthy oils for frying and there are two main ones I use.

Coconut Oil

Years ago I found out about the power of coconut oil. I was at a health fair back in the Spring of 2011 and came across organic cold pressed coconut oil made by

At the time they were selling for £5 each and I bought two. I really wish I had bought six! I loved them so much I have been buying them from the same place every since. I have tried others but they are not as good IMHO.

I keep one container in the kitchen cupboard and one in my bedroom.
The one in the kitchen is obviously one of my healthy oils for frying. Coconut oil is a great oil for frying and baking. It does leave the food with a hint of coconut sometimes. I hate frying eggs in coconut oil for that reason.

Almond Oil

The other oil that I use is Almond Oil. I came across this in my local shop one day and tried it. The one I buy is not organic but online you can buy organic almond oil.

Almond oil is a great source of vitamin E (when used cold as a salad dressing) and is very low in saturated fats. Just make sure you choose a refined almond oil for frying, read the label because there are different ones available.

I love almond oil because it leaves no flavour and I noticed I really only need to use a tiny bit of it.

I am sure there are other oils out there that are great for frying. Sometimes I read that it is recommended we don’t use olive oil for frying but I think that is only if you are buying a cheap brand. You will have to do your own research on that one but I believe a good grade, high quality olive oil (which is usually quite dark) is okay to use for frying.

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