How I made giving up unhealthy food easier on myself

I decided to make a video that outlines how I made giving up unhealthy food easier on myself.

I realized just how important being happy while vegetable juicing and/or while losing weight is to help me succeed. I discovered how much easier everything became when I focused in on what I could eat and drink rather than what I couldn’t.

I always had my happy ever after in the future. As if everything will be better in the future rather than now. All that did was make my weight loss journey miserable and difficult to bare.

I complained about how little I could eat, how hungry I was, how difficult it all was and all that did was make my life really miserable.

So, instead of the constant misery I decided to be happy now, enjoy the process and journey of working towards losing weight because it makes the whole thing so much easier.

I decided to see the blessings I had in being able to buy the vegetables so I could juice and I focused my attention on all the wonderful healthy stuff I could have that would make my body healthy.

Even now, while I cook a bacon and egg sandwich in a bagel (one of my favorite breakfast meals with 2 bagels!) for my youngest and then turn towards my vegetables I keep the thoughts in my head positive. I used a lot of positive self talk to remind myself that not eating a bacon and egg sandwich is a choice and I choose something healthier for me.

How I made giving up unhealthy food easier on myselfOne day I hope he will stop eating them too but I am not going to push my new eating regime on to him in any big way. He will learn by watching me as his example and I hope many of my new plant based recipes will rub off on him.

So, if you are struggling with your weight loss goals because you are missing your favorite food or treat I hope this goes some way towards helping you realize that you are doing a wonderful job at being healthy. That many people try and give up and many still don’t bother to try at all. By actively doing something about your unhealthy body you are in a small percentage of people who get things done.

Well done you and well done me too. 🙂



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