Plant based diet weight increase

There were many things I knew would happen when I started a plant based diet. I knew I would feel great, I knew my skin would look better and I even knew my hair and nails would become stronger. What I wasn’t expecting was a plant based diet weight increase.

Yes. I did say increase. I was a little surprised myself.

I couldn’t figure it out. How could I spend an entire week eating nothing but plants and a few grains and GAIN weight. Or at least stay the same and not lose weight.

Well, once again, thanks to the magic of the search engines I managed to find an answer.

It seems when I increase my intake of plant based whole foods I also increase the amount of fiber I am eating. That  fiber binds with water to increase the weight of my stools and that results in a plant based diet weight increase.

It only happens because my body isn’t used to the sudden increase of plants in my system and as long as I continue to increase my plant intake it will eventually get used to it, and settle down.

I already know that when I weigh myself first thing in the morning if I haven’t used the bathroom for a wee I can weigh up to 3 lbs more. Once I have a wee and step on the scales again they go down, so it doesn’t surprise me about the fiber/water/weight gain bind.

Eating Whole Foods

It is really important that I stick to eating whole foods and grains on my plant based eating regime because it is easy to pick the wrong food. I could eat pasta instead of whole wheat pasta, or eat bread (because it is made from a plant) which is really manufactured food.

As long as I know I have stayed away from processed foods and that I am not eating things like ice cream then my weight gain is probably due to the increase in fibre. I know myself so its all good. I have been 100% healthy and authentic this week.

Watch the oil and fatsPlant based diet weight increase
The other thing I have to be mindful of to ensure I resist a plant based diet weight increase is to watch the oil and fat that I eat.

Good fats like avocado, cooking with fats like coconut and spreading fats like hemp seed oil over my salads or using them in dressings is all great. Anything else can be suspect and I need to watch how much of it I take in.

Almond butter is great. Regular organic butter isn’t perfect but is certainly better than regular margarine.

Nuts are great, cashew, almonds, brazils, walnuts and seeds too – the fats and oils available from nuts is all good in limitation.


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