11 healthy foods I eat

I got back from the health food store today and as I looked into my bag I thought about the new healthy foods I eat now, that I wasn’t eating 11 months ago.

They are all healthy and help me to stick to my healthy eating goals. Things like

Rye Bread

I never liked Rye bread. In fact I eat it mainly because I know it is better than ordinary bread and can be great as part of a healthy diet. I have to eat it toasted because on its own I am not a fan. I spread Almond butter or peanut butter on it.

rye bread
Definitely needs to be toasted!

Almond butter and healthy peanut butter

Peanut butter, jam (jelly) and a cup of tea was my favourite snack to eat at 10.30pm while I was watching the 9pm movie. That is my past, of course. Now I use these two healthy butters on my raw vegetables and on my toasted Rye bread.


Crushed sesame seeds – they can be an acquired taste. I love it spread on anything. Really good to use when I make something with the leftover vegetable juicing pulp that I have.

almond butter

Chia Seeds

Haven’t actually used this yet but I do know it is great to add to smoothies, porridge and other foods. They are full of antioxidants and most of the carbs you get from them is fiber. Chia seeds are a high quality protein (rather than meat).

chia seeds

Rooibos Tea and herbal teas

I have already written about Rooibos Tea HERE so you can read that. I love both of these teas.

healthy foods I eat rooibos tea

Coconut Palm Sugar and Coconut Palm Syrup (instead of maple syrup)

This coconut palm sugar is unusual in that it looks more like a grain that sugar when you pour it out. It isn’t too sweet either so I love it. The syrup is a great alternative to maple syrup. Whenever I see an American recipe that includes Maple Syrup (which is not easily available here in the UK), I use my coconut palm syrup instead.

coconut palm sugar healthy foods I eat

Tamari Sauce

This is meant to include less salt that soya sauce. I bought it to use in the recipes I find over at the Deliciously Ella blog.

tamari soy sauce

Millet Grain

This is the newest of the new healthy foods I eat and while I continue to search for the Teff grain I am hoping this will do. It is high in protein, gluten free and full of vitamins. A great alternative to rice and potatoes, my intention is to make a stir fry using it and my Tamari soya sauce.

new foods that I eat


Nuts and Seeds

Great on porridge, as a snack, with fruit and sometimes sprinked on my dinner.

new foods that I eat

These are all foods that I would never have eaten in the past. Of course I am eating a larger range of vegetables and other foods but these represent foods I would never buy and add to my list of essential ingredients. Now of course they are.

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