How I motivate myself to stick to vegetable juicing

I have tried many times to stick to vegetable juicing and failed, or at least gave up in that moment. Drinking nothing but vegetable juice all day when I was so used to stuffing my face full of food was difficult.

It’s probably why for the first two years of having a juicer it spent more time in the cupboard than it did plugged in and juicing. So, what made a difference this time? I thought about that today.

I thought about how I motivate myself to stick to vegetable juicing, and I recognise that there were three things I did this time that I didn’t the other times.

1. I spent time watching videos of other juicers

I spent a lot of time on YouTube watching other successful juicers. What they were doing, how they did it, how they were feeling.

I soon recognised that quite a few people started, stopped and started again. Others made some great videos and then a few months later disappeared.

Not only did watching the successful juicers motivate me, but watching the people who stopped and started like I had done made me realise that if I was going to make videos, I should make them but not put them up for a few months.

I wanted to make sure that if I started videos I was going to continue.

2. Reading news/articles about juicing and about health

I think the negative helped me here a little. It helped me stick to vegetable juicing when in the past I didn’t. Reading about the effects of too much fat inside our body that grabs hold of our major organs and slowly suffocates them.

Stuff like that motivated me to get healthy. Reading about what goes into our food. The chemicals and other horrible toxins that also posion our body. That kind of stuff scared me too.

There is news on obesity, the effects of being obese and the long term possibilities of major illness if being unhealthy isn’t addressed. That kind of thing motivated me to keep going.

Most of all though it was the articles that taught me if I addressed my health that I could prevent and or reverse some of these major illnesses.

I have discovered that heart disease and diabetes are now considered lifestyle diseases and therefore preventable. I am the thing that stands in the way of me being healthy or not healthy.

I had complete control over that and that was empowering to me.

stick to vegetable juicing

3. Keeping a journal / photos / videos and reading my journal of past success

I can look at my videos and photos and I can see the change. If you read Food, My Favourite F Word blog post you will see two photos of me from February 2014 and January 2015.

What a difference 11 months have made. That spurs me on. When I catch myself in the mirror or I put my hands on my waist and there is very little extra fat to feel now, that keeps me going.

Being able to read my journal, not just the great stuff but also the struggles, spurs me on and encourages me to keep going because I realise I can do this now.

I still have another 50 lbs to go before I hit my target weight and I have never, ever thought about getting that far down. I always knew I wanted to be lighter but actually being slim just seemed impossible. That too excites me.

The fact that I can actually think about it being a real possibility.

So, that’s how I motivate myself to stick to vegetable juicing. It is worth finding ways to help yourself stick to your goal, whether its vegetable juicing or anything else.

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