Low Energy Density Foods List

I mentioned in my other post that filling my plate with low energy density foods is a great way to help me with my weight management, so today I thought a low energy density foods list might come in handy.

As you can imagine, low energy density foods are usually whole, non-processed foods that are low in calories, so we are talking here about vegetables, fruit, organic whole yoghurt (like Yeo), lean meats and fish.

The idea is to eat more but because the foods are low in density, you can continue to lose weight. As hunger is usually included in weight loss, it is great to know eating more is encouraged.

Low / Medium Energy Density Foods List

Vegetables are the most obvious choice for anyone looking to enjoy health and lose weight. I am talking here about steamed, roasted, raw vegetables with nothing (or very little) added to them.

Non-starchy vegetables like kale, cauliflower and broccoli are my first choice. When I make soup its usually with cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, celery and cabbage. Vegetables that are non-starchy and full of water are the first choice, however even the starchy sweet potatoes, peas and corn are still great to include because they are still better than eating pizza!

I refuse to not eat any vegetable or fruit simply because it is starchy and from what I am learning about the Starch Solution people enjoy eating both varieties in abundance.

Fruits too are great low energy density foods. With all the talk about fruits being full of sugar and warning that they should be limited I don’t intend to take much notice of that myself. I will always fall back on the same argument. 11 months ago I would have been stuffing down a doughnut and a Snickers bar so why would I worry about sugar from fruit.

low energy density foods listI do tend to eat my fruit alone, I don’t mix it with anything – sometimes not even with other fruit. I have read eating watermelon on its own is best so I do that, however I’m not obsessed about it all.

Starchy foods like brown rice are medium in calorific density and I am beginning to wonder if this is why the Starch Solution program is so successful. People get to eat loads and loads of great food and lose weight plus feel great. I have the cookbook and a lot of what is included to eat comes under the banner of very low, low and medium in calorific density.

You can eat foods like whole grain rice, quinoa, teff, porridge/oatmeal and other whole grains.

Sources of lean protein for me right now includes mainly beans and legumes as I have given up eating meat about 80% of the time. Once or twice a week I have eaten meat over the last month and I intend that to continue. I don’t think I will give it up forever; I just want my body to enjoy its protein from other sources.

Eating fish, lean chicken without the skin, organic dairy products (love Yeo bio yoghurt) plus my newly favourite foods like black beans, pinto beans, red kidney beans etc. are all great sources of lean protein.

cabbage broccoli black bean soupAnother reason I love soups is because they are a healthy low density food. Eating soup before my main meals helps me to feel satisfied for longer and ensures I don’t over eat, especially if I am super hungry.

You can help to reduce the density of your food by adding low density foods. For example only use half of the minced beef you would use in a chilli or Bolognese and replace it with red chickpeas. Trust me; even teenagers won’t notice the swap.

I am still researching and doing my due diligence around the Starch Solution but basically everything it recommends falls under my low energy density foods list, which is a great start.

The protein you get comes from beans and legumes because meat and dairy are not allowed, however I am growing tired of following a specific way of eating. I find that making up my own way of eating based on low and medium density foods is a much better way for me to go. It means no food group is restricted and I can focus my attention on eating great food that is wholesome and healthy.



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