I walk slowly but never backwards

The one thing I can honestly say about my journey towards health and wellness is that I walk slowly but never backwards.

It was Abraham Lincoln who said the words ‘I walk slowly but I never walk backwards.’ and I thought it made a great reminder while I am on this journey towards health and wellness.

With so much information available on the web it can be difficult to know where to turn and what to focus on.

  • Eat a low-carb diet with high protein.
  • Don’t eat a low-carb diet with protein.
  • Eat a high starch diet with loads of rice, potatoes and fruit.
  • Don’t eat rice, potatoes and too much fruit because of the sugar content

Arrrggghh!!! It can be a nightmare and through it all I do my best to walk towards what is right for me based on my limited knowledge of what works.

The great advice I read today came from Dr Michael Greger who said that it is never too late to start eating healthier, so that’s good news for me.

I often wonder about the damage I might have done from over eating and a lack of exercise, eating fatty foods and just generally stuffing my stomach to full capacity most days.

The good news is even those who started eating a healthy plant-based diet (e.g. vegetarian) late in life still managed to increase their chances of living longing and avoiding lifestyle diseases like cancer.

Awalk slowly but never backwards it takes a tumour many years to grow it is possible that healthy eating, a switch from junk food, bad fats, smoking and drinking too much alcohol, could make a significant difference even if it happens ‘later in life.’

What it did make me think about is my desire to be lifted from the restrictions of “diet” and eating one thing over the other or having to work out what to avoid and what to eat.

Instead it might be worth just increasing my consumption of plants, legumes (beans) and fruits. Changing my health could be as simple as that. I have already reduced the bad stuff significantly over the last 10 months. Now, it is time to replace it with more of the healthy stuff. More of the plant based stuff.

That way I will continue to walk forwards in terms of improving my health. This whole thing is a slow walk because I am having to learn as I go and learn from experience but that’s okay because I walk slowly but never backwards.

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