Dr Mercola’s Peak 8 fitness

I came across Dr Mercola’s Peak 8 Fitness regime today and decided to include some information here because it is something I can see myself following.

Despite losing over 30 lbs I have yet to get myself into a regular exercise routine. I just can’t seem to focus on one thing I like.

I do have my rebounder and enjoy that but all I do is jump or power walk on it. I think what I need is a routine to keep myself interested.

Dr Mercola’s Peak 8 fitness routine encourages us to workout of 90 seconds (after a 3 minute warm up) then go hard for 30 seconds, before working out for 90 seconds again and then going hard for 30 seconds.

The aim is to go hard eight times in total

Carrying out interval training like this can help me lower my body fat and improve muscle tone, which is what I am focusing on now so I continue with my weight loss.

Here is an introduction with Phil Campbell (personal trainer) and Dr Mercola

You can get a free interval training chart over at Dr Mercola’s site here

The whole thing takes around 20 minutes and the benefits of this type of intensity training is explained by Dr Mercola and the man who taught him the routine.


You can use the peak 8 fitness routine on an exercise bike or treadmill and I think it works for most pieces of equipment. I am not sure how this will work if I use a rebounder but its worth me timing myself going slow and then faster.

In the second video I think they left the microphone on the wrong person!


It looks really hardcore and I have to work out my resting heart rate and knowing how fast I have to go to make this effect.


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