Experience cannot be taught

I wish I could help you feel how I feel right now but experience cannot be taught. I can show you what I am doing to get healthy using images and blog posts and even video.

I can inspire you (hopefully) into believing that maybe you could start using vegetable juicing to improve your health and lose weight.

I might even spur you into action and looking at juicers because of something I have written or said.

There is much I can do to help encourage you to start your own vegetable juicing / plant-based eating journey towards enjoying optimum health, but experience cannot be taught and so the only way to really understand this journey is to take it yourself.

There are skills that are crucial to success. That is true in all aspects of life.

experience cannot be taughtThere are people who have succeeded that we can model (to use an NLP term) or copy (to use plain English) and because a lot of what is required is grounded more in art than science the only way for you to enjoy it is to embark upon it.

My experience of finally giving up late night eating when I am not hungry, for example, I can tell you what I did and how I felt. But the only way you will give up late night eating (if that is a nightmare for you) is to embark upon your own self-reflective journey into why you eat when you are not hungry.

Getting Started Is The Hardest Part

The truth is what you need more than ever is to feel what I feel, knowing how different I feel now compared to when I started might help.

Being able to tap into my emotional state right now might help too. Unfortunately, that just isn’t possible and so all I can do is encourage you to get started and experience it for yourself.

Getting started really is the hardest part. Being motivated to continue takes some effort too. Opening yourself up to looking into the different insights that arise from the things that you do will help you learn more about yourself. That’s why I keep a journal.

Find Tools That Help

Case studies, books, memoirs, other juicing bloggers, videos on youtube – all these things have helped me take a look into the experience of another person.

They have shown me how people have struggled but kept going. How they lost one hundred pounds in six months or one hundred pounds in six years – both stories an inspiration.

I have discovered the types of foods that will hurt my body. How processed foods fill my body with toxins and how carb addiction is a real thing experienced by thousands of people.

Thanks to food and juicing bloggers I went from looking at a vegan lifestyle, to thinking about a veganish lifestyle before settling on the simpler plant-based eating lifestyle.

I flirted with the idea that being a banana girl might be for me but quickly discovered it really was not. There are of course thousands of banana/fruit/high carb people out there but right now I just couldn’t see myself joining them.

I used the tools available to me, most of them free, to tap into the experience of other people and then I decided what to try and what to avoid based on that.

Because I did that I am now sharing my own experience. Not to teach anyone. Just to show them what’s possible.


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