My First Juicing Mistake

I am usually good at mixing vegetables and fruit together, but today was definitely my first vegetable juicing mistake.

In the past I have made tiny mistakes like adding too much ginger, or adding lemon with skin on to something light like celery/cucumber. You really do taste the extra in the juice.

The worst of it is I made so much vegetable juice that it will probably last for a couple of days.

Imagine that – drinking a juice that tastes awful for two days straight. Still, not much else I can do because there is absolutely no way I will throw it away.

If you look at the image above and below, maybe you can see what my vegetable juicing mistake is?

vegetable juicing mistake

The ingredients are spinach, broccoli, carrots, two apples, ginger…

A whole Lemon AND grapefruit. Too much citrus fruit.

Even though I peeled them both (leaving the pith on of course) they were both, but particularly the grapefruit, really over powering.

Once I had juiced them all I went in search of other things to add to it.

I added another apple, some more ginger and then I made ANOTHER mistake.

I had some watercress, rocket and spinach salad left and I juiced that too.

Have you ever tasted rocket juiced. WOW! Powerful stuff. Even though it really was less than a quarter of the bag that was left the rocket taste came through WITH the grapefruit.

Everything else was completely overpowered.

vegetable juicing mistake
Before adding water this is how much juice was made

In total all of that veg made 1.5 liters of juice and I added another litre of water because it was so strong.

Still, it was overpowering and so I added more water.

In the end I drank two glasses of it while trying to sort out the taste, filled up my bottle with it and put the rest in my blender jug because it was the only thing big enough to hold it all.

There is enough there to drink all day and then some for tomorrow. Possibly another two glasses for tomorrow. If I add more water it might even stretch longer.

I guess it had to happen eventually. At some point on my juicing journey I would have to make a mistake. Now that I have my intention is not to make it again!

I should have remembered how strong just lemon is on its own. I think I just wanted to use up everything I had before the shopping came on Tuesday.

I am not sure if I will continue juicing now, despite my wonderful 7 lbs weight loss over the last three days I did promise myself to stick to doing short bursts of juicing. I don’t want to over do it then end up stuffing my face.

I have never put weight back on after a juice cleanse and I would like to keep it that way.

Plus budget wise it costs about £60 a week just to buy the organic vegetables I use in juicing and that shopping is just what I use before buying any other shopping for the house. So monthly vegetable juicing is more within my budget right now!

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